Teach Overseas Institute is blessed with a dynamic staff who have a genuine love for teachers, their students and the host countries themselves.

Partner Program Manager - Reed Patterson

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Over the past 30 years, Reed has overseen thousands of teachers and education administrators participate in schools all over the world. His deep rooted love for international students dates many years before any international programs, when Reed started as a high school educator. Reed organizes language programs, schools, and teacher development courses, primarily focusing on Oral English development, International Business Management, and Relationship Management.

Questions about the program? Send an email to Reed@TeachOverseasInstitute.org

Alumni Manager - Jim Kenaston

With hundreds of trained teachers participating in TOI programs over the past 20 years, Jim organizes the monthly Newsletter for the many alumni of the program. Jim’s organization of the stories, adventures, and memories of alumni reminds us all of the lasting impact of an educator, and how the experiences of TOI, whether short or long, provides a lifetime of impact.

Questions about Alumni? Send an email to esec.esi.alumnewsletter@gmail.com

Board of Directors - Danny Yu, Eddie Boylan, Emily Reuter, Reed Patterson and Ron Nicholas